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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the boston bomber breaks his silence. what he said to those families, right there in court. saying, i'm sorry, apologizing. then what he confessed next. our team is there. also breaking another governor in the south, taking action tonight. this time executive order. saying the confederate flag must come down. just as that beloved pastor is honored. the deadly storms. the power going out for half a million. the amtrak train stranded. and at this hour the new storms powering up. reports of five people hit by lightning. the growing mystery outside one american city tonight. at least four women now dead the fbi joining the investigation. and caught. the patient who accidentally records what his doctor was really saying while he was under anesthesia. you will hear it for yourself tonight.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin in boston tonight. bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev in court to be formally sentenced to death. we knew he would have a moment to talk but were unsure if he would use it. he did. talking to the victims an their families so many showing up to the federal courthouse addressing tsarnaev calling him a coward, despicable. then tarnsarnaev himself with a message. abc's ron clal borniborne from boston. >> reporter: he entered the courtroom smiling, but just moments before he was formally sentenced to death, dzhokhar tsarnaev spoke for the first time, softly and without emotion. "i am sorry for the lives i have taken, for the suffering i have caused you and for the damage i have done." without ever turning to face the
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dozens of victims gathered he confessed to his crime. " "if there is any lingering doubt, i did it, along with my brother." that stunning moment following three hours of gut-wrenching impact statements from victims like father bill richard, seen here on that day standing with his family. tsarnaev just a few feet away. "he chose hate. he chose destruction. he chose death. that is all on him." richard's 8-year-old son martin was killed his 6-year-old daughter jane had her leg amputated. rebekah gregory lost her leg too. "you and your brother have lost. you unified us." in the 800 days since the bombing, tsarnaev has only been seen in that prison cell surveillance video, never taking the witness stand at trial. but today he said he heard the pain of those who testified against him. "i was listening the suffering that was and the hardship that still is." >> never apologized for a thing. >> i wanted to know, you know, but -- i don't think it really
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matters. >> he's not sorry. if he was sorry, he would have never did that. >> reporter: tsarnaev will eventually be moved to a prison in indiana, which is from federal death row inmates are held until execution. tonight, his lawyers are saying they will file an appeal of his conviction, david, that could take many years. >> all right, ron claiborne leading us off from boston. ron, thank you. and to the south tonight and a dramatic new move from another governor when it comes to the confederate flag. and the decision comes just as a community paid its respects to rev lend clemente menclementa pinckney. flying outside, that confederate flag on the state house grounds. meantime the governor of alabama now, taking executive action. abc's linsey davis in charleston tonight. >> reporter: white, black, young and old standing at attention today, as a horse-drawn caisson bearing the body of the reverend and senator clementa pinckney arrives at the south carolina state house.
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why did you decide to come out, 100 degrees, long lines, and you're fog to be out here a long time. >> it doesn't even feel hot out here to me. i feel like this is my duty to come out here. >> reporter: the hundreds of people here to pay their respects to reverend pinckney lined up in the shadow of this controversial confederate flag. but? just the past 48 hours across the south, a movement to strip confederate symbols from public spaces. in alabama today, the flag removed from the capitol grounds at the governor's orders. >> it has becmoe a disraction all over the country right now. >> reporter: in mississippi, both republican senators saying the stars and bars don't belong on their flag. in kentucky, officials wanting this statue of confederate president jefferson davis out of the state house. and four states now planning to ban license plates with the confederate emblem. here in south carolina, powerful congressman jim clyburn is lobbying fellow lawmakers. what would you say, though to
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convince those who are still saying, let's keep the flag up? >> you're not celebrating heritage. you're celebrating hate. >> reporter: but at dixie outfitters in south carolina business is booming, with shoppers like tammy jackway. >> just because one person does something that isn't right that hurts other people, we shouldn't just get rid of the flag. >> reporter: the flag is still flying here tonight at the state house. but tonight, south carolina's citadel has voted to move theirs. one of the victims of the shooting was a citadel graduate. david? >> linsey davis, our thanks to you again tonight. well turn now to the deadly storms and the new threat tonight. at this hour 30 million bracing for round two, flash flood watches from chicago to des moines. just 24 hours after a massive storm system marched all the way to the east coast. a tree snapping in half in washington township new jersey. this car flipped upside down.
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powerful lightning. and there is late word coming at this hour of five people struck by lightning at a construction site in colorado springs. one in serious condition, as the new storms move in. ginger zee with the storm track in a moment, but first, tom llamas on the ground where they're still recovering from the first round of storms. >> reporter: tonight, in parts of the northeast, homes, cars and fences broken and buried underneath piles of trees. this cell phone video shows the storm slamming washington township, new jersey. that tree trunk, snapping like a twig. >> it was very terrifying, when this cree came down, the whole area shook. >> reporter: 75-mile-per-hour winds slamming into parts of new jersey and pennsylvania. strong enough to flip this car over. a confirmed tornado tearing up wrentham, massachusetts. the storms leaving half a million in the dark and about 50 passengers stuck on this amtrak train for hours. >> there was no electricity.
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it was hot, it was really very stuffy. >> reporter: in maryland the storms are being blamed for a traffic death. a man, driving a pickup truck, hitting a tree that had fallen into the roadway. and new video out tonight that shows the sheer force of that ef-1 tornado that hammered portland michigan, breaking this tree clean off. back in south jersey -- >> disaster. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: resident bob ayers thinks a tornado hit his backyard. when the storm rolled through, he says he looked through his window and saw something he will never forget. >> the tree was falling just at the minute and it hit the house. i can't believe the power of it. >> reporter: and david, look at that car. absolutely crushed by the massive tree. because of this damage many thought a tornado touched down. but the national weather service says this was not a twister, just powerful straightline winds. david? >> tom, thank you. let's get right to ginger now. this is powering up in much of the same area. >> reporter: this is still very powerful. and can be deadly.
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so let's look at the severe thunderstorm watch in the southeast. weevil already seen severe thunderstorm warnings. some 308 reports or more in parts of georgia, alabama, even mississippi. but it's overnight that i'm concerned about the area here in flash flood watch, from northwest indiana back into eastern iowa. i put on a computer model here. look what time it is. 1:00 a.m. central time. eastern iowa blowing up with strong storms. some of the heaviest rainfall rates could top two-plus inches per hour. so that's tonight. then tomorrow that elevated risk area includes cincinnati and evansville but we'll keep that chance all the way to d.c. >> all over again. ginger thank you. as you know, there are dramatic images coming in at this hour from southern california. al fast-moving wildfire outside los angeles. you can see how close those homes are. evacuations under way, as aircraft flight the blaze from above. one firefighter now injured. authorities in california tonight now saying they're facing the worst fire conditions on record. we have major new developments in the case of those convicted killers on the
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run, now believed to be armed and dangerous. tonight, a new clue from inside that hunting cabin, much like this one in those upstate new york woods. they believe those cabins in the area had guns inside and now fear those guns are in the hands of the convicts. and stunning new revelations about the woman, the prison worker accused of helping themes case. abc's linzie janis is there again. >> reporter: tonight, as police comb these dense woods, a chilling warning about the escaped killers. >> just about every cabin in the north country as one or more shotguns or weapons. they're extremely dangerous. rrm police found their dna on good in a remote hunting cabin. they also found a bloody sock and are hoping one of the men nay be injured. >> we don't want them to have a restful, peaceful night. >> reporter: we're just outside of the search zone here but you can see what officers are up against. this terrain is steep, it is dense, and you can sometimes only see just a few feet in front of you. joyce mitchell who worked in the prison tailor shop already
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charged with helping the killers escape. prosecutors say she had a relationship with both richard matt and david sweat, and perhaps other prisoners, too. eric jensen a former inmate says he witnessed mitchell and sweat flirting. >> joyce would bring him things like food she'd bring him art supplies colored pencils, tattoo inning that you weren't allowed to have in the jail. we used to call her his boo. >> reporter: david, joyce mitchell has pleaded not guilty to helping the men escape. they are still out there somewhere. no confirmed sightings in five days. david? >> linzie thank you. now, to another mystery tonight. the fbi is now investigating the mystery in the heartland. a small town outside columbus ohio now a crime scene. at least four women dead. abc's alex perez is there tonight with the families now the demanding answers. >> reporter: it's a mystery that has the small town of chillicothe, ohio, on edge. is there a killer on the loose, preying on women? >> our girls need justice, we need justice. >> reporter: these women united
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in grief, some convinced their loved ones are victims of a single killer. >> it's very tragic, very, very tragic. that all these families are going through this. >> reporter: in the last year, at least six women have disappeared from this town of about 21,000. four of their bodies recovered in creeks or streams. the circumstances all slightly different, but their stories similar. all women who had fallen on hard times. the body of tiffany sayre was discovered on father's day. >> she was a very beautiful girl. strong. friendly. she would help anybody out. >> reporter: the fbi now stepping in working with local and state investigators, hunting for any clues that might lead to the killer. >> the concern is not knowing, you know the community wants answers, what's going on with these women and we want answers. >> reporter: authorities say it's unclear if the cases are connected, but they are not ruling anything out. investigators following up on every lead. already, more than 100 tips called in. david? >> alex perez outside columbus
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ohio tonight. now to that powerful message from president obama to the families of american hostages, including this woman right here, taken by the taliban. giving birth while in captivity. she's just one of 30 american hostages around the world tonight. now, the president's new policy and his blunt message. "we let you down and we will help." abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: one after another, six americans, journalists and aid workers have died in the hands of terrorists in the last year. and the president today admitted his administration had failed them and their families. >> it is true that there have been times where our government, regardless of good intentions, has let them down. >> reporter: the parents of reporter james foley had been the most vocal critics, telling abc news white house officials threatened them with prosecution if they tried to raise ransom for their son. >> it just made me realize that these folks talking to us had no idea what it was like to be the
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family of a kidnapped american. >> that's totally unacceptable. >> reporter: officials today said there are now some 30 americans behind hostage by various groups around the world, including kaitlin coleman being held by the taliban. under the new policy, if hostage families raise money for ransom, the u.s. might now actually help make it happen. the president was clearly moved by one question hostage parents had bluntly put to him. what if it was your daughter? >> obviously, i would move heaven and earth to get those loved ones back. >> these families have already suffered so much brian. and even though many can understand why families would want to pay ransom themselves authorities still have concerns about that money? >> reporter: that's right, david. there's concern that the new policy will make americans even more attractive to hostage takers and that's why the president made it clear today that u.s. government policy is unchanged. the u.s. government itself will not pay ransom or make concessions to terrorists. david? >> all right, brian ross live in washington. brian, thank you. to the race for 2016
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tonight, a new face jumping in. louisiana governor bobby jindal now the 13th republican candidate, making history as the first indian-american to make a serious bid for the white house. we're going to turn now to that mistrial in the case making national headlines. those two young football players from vanderbilt university. convicted in january of sexually assaulting a woman in a dorm room. tonight, leaving the courtroom free on bond now, bibles in hand. the judge declaring a mistrial after a revelation from the jury foreman. abc's paula faris on what happens next. >> do you have anything to say, brandon? >> reporter: it was a stunning scene. cory batey and brandon vandenburg posting bond and leaving a tennessee jail this afternoon and both carrying what appear to be bibles. they're free for now after that judge's rare decision to declare a mistrial. throwing out their rape convictions all because one of the jurors failed to reveal he himself was a victim of sexual assault. >> if we don't have jurors being honest with us so we can fairly
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assess their imparable y'allty, then the right to a fair and impartial jury means nothing. >> reporter: but the prosecution says this does not affect the evidence that exists. evidence including surveillance video showing the suspects carrying the seemingly unconscious alleged victim to vandenburg's room where police claim she was sexually assaulted. while they brace for a new trial, they'll be wearing gps tracking devices. checking in weekly. and prohibited from believing the country. and the judge who declared the mistrial said they will accommodate the state, which wants a trial date as soon as possible so they are moving forward forward, david. >> paula faris tonight, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. caught on tape. the patient accidentally recording what his doctor was really saying while he was under anesthesia. you will hear what the doctor says and that doctor now in hot water tonight. a lot of people couldn't believe it. there is also news coming in at this hour about whitney houston's daughter. the troubling new move and her
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and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. we're going to turn next here to the case of a doctor accidentally being recorded by her patient. that iphone recording, while the patient was under anesthesia. abc's gio benitez with what the doctor was recorded saying. >> reporter: listen closely, because this is a doctor. >> round and round we go, wheel of annoying patients we go. where it will land, nobody knows. >> reporter: that voice is anesthesiologist dr. tiffany ingham in april 2013 and her patient is undergoing a routine colonoscopy in virginia. the patient had been recording his doctor's post-op instructions, but says he forgot to stop recording once he went under, capturing this. >> really, after five minutes of talking to you in pre-op i wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.
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>> reporter: the patient filing a lawsuit anonymously, claiming defamation and medical malpractice, in part because of this false diagnosis. >> i'm going to mark hemorrhoids even though we don't see them and probably won't. i'm just going to take a shot in the dark. >> reporter: the patient winning the lawsuit, dr. ingham forced to pay him more than half a million dollars in damages. she's no longer working at that virginia hospital. in fact we haven't been able to find her. and her attorney has not returned our calls for comment. but on that tape -- >> i feel bad, i shouldn't be so mean. >> reporter: even dr. ingham recognizing she may have gone too far. gio benitez, abc news, new york. when we come back here tonight, new word coming in now, a fourth shark attack off the coast. we also have new developments concerning whitney houston's daughter. and the popular grocery store, now accused of overcharging customers. guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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carolina. four children now hurt in the last two weeks, including one boy and one girl both losing an arm. today's attack in surf city an 8-year-old boy bitten on his lower leg. he's expected to be okay. breaking news tonight on bobbi kristina brown, whitney houston's daughter has now been moved into hospice care. bobbi kristina has been hospitalized since january. whole foods tonight under investigation by the department of consumer affairs, accused of overcharging customers here in new york. authorities say meats, cheese, baked goods, priced by the pound were mislabeled. tonight, whole foods saying quote, they disagree with the overreaching allegations and are vigorously defending themselves. when we come back here tonight, you've got to see this. the dad holding his baby when suddenly he does something else. he had all of wrigley field up in arms. his wife standing by. was she upset? why pause a spontaneous moment to
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finally tonight here the dad, the baby and the catch. that had many weighing in. it was the second inning. the cubs/dodgers game last night at wrigley field. keith hartley, right there in the blue shirt, baby isaac in one hand, the ball in the other. >> great play by the young man with the young child. >> hey, listen, that was quite the catch. >> thank you, thank you, appreciate it. >> how did you do that with isaac in one hand and catching the ball in the other? >> well being a new parent teaches you a lot of things. one of them is how to have a free hand while still feeding with the other one. >> reporter: to the instant replay. and look at baby isaac. that bottle never left his
6:58 pm
mother. >> there was never a moment where you said maybe not with isaac in your arms? >> well it was more of, oh my gosh, you need to get the ball. >> so mom was happy. but when the team approached him in the stands? wrigley field can be a tough place in you get in the way of a play. >> the cubs staff were really really generous with me told me what i should and shouldn't be doing in the seats and they just decided to let me stay. >> as for baby isaac, he'll hear a story one day. let me chew on the giraffe. the ball might be worth something one day. >> that's true. >> thank you for watching. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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